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Published: 21st October 2010
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" Namkaran' (Baby Naming) ceremony dates back to the Vedic & vedas era which is done on the  10th,12th, 18th Day after the birth of a child. The basis of a child name rests solely on the 'Nakshatra' (birth constellation) falling in the 'Moon Sign' (rashi) he/she is born under. In Vedic astrology & indian horoscope are read taking 'Moon Sign' as the ascendant, which is the sign in which 'Moon ' is placed at birth. As per Vedic astrology & Indian horoscope, there are 27 nakshatras and each of them have '4 charans' or phases, divided over a period of 24 hours.  Normally a nakshatra changes every six hours and so making it a total of four 'phases' in 24 hours. Each 'constellation' and 'sign' has a corresponding 'sound' to it which varies as per the 'charan' of the constellation.For example the '3rd Charan' of  'Uttarabhadrapada' nakshatra is associated with the sounds of  Ze, Zu, Zo and hence the name of the child would have to start with these alphabets. These sounds which are 'tantrik' in their source are considered auspicious and are believed to enhance (optimize) the 'destiny' of the native through unfoldment of higher human potential. Exhaustive and accurate data is available to mankind regarding the movement of the zodiac courtesy ancient astrological texts (panchang) authored by elevated seers, mathematicians and astrologers. So there is hardly any scope for error in this regard. Till very recently this wisdom was available only to the Indian sub continent but with advent of internet, people from all over the world are utilizing this priceless knowledge to their advantage. There is an interesting myth attached to the 'Baby Naming' custom that needs a mention here. The ancient Indian society believed in keeping this optimized name 'secret' (gupt naam) for a very specific purpose. This society was very well adept with the techniques of 'black magic' and this tantrik warfare was very common in those times, with families and enemies attacking each other through such unethical and dangerous tools. Even now, this tantrik art is alive and kicking in Africa and South America. One of the tantrik pre-requisites to target a person is his 'real name' and so families kept these names hidden in order to safeguard their children. This is the reason, why so many people in India have dual or multiple names and in most cases the real names have been forgotten with fading memories. In the modern society, the myths died and 'single names' became the norm as it was convenient and practical. But surprisingly the astrological concept of 'naam karan' stayed on and its significance has only increased with time, with even westerners adhering to it. Credit goes to Vedic astrology and its growing popularity. Today there are several astrological organizations & Best Astrologers that are offering 'Baby Naming' service to the world through internet websites.  'The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers' is one such Indian company that caters to the non resident Indians, Americans and Europeans through their website . As per their data, astrological 'Baby Nameology Reading' priced at $ 36 (Rs 1500) is one of the most sought after readings by its international clientelle. This website has taken traditional 'Naam Karan' to another level of optimization by incorporating the now very popular 'Numerology' with 'Nameology', which also synchronizes the 'name' with the cosmic numbers. In many instances, on parents request, traditional names are also provided keeping in view the 'translated meaning' and 'spiritual' significance' of a name. Only names with a 'noble' overtone are desirable for obvious reasons. '' is also actively involved in naming small and large corporate companies around the world as per astro-numerology. The results have been magnificent with increased profits and productivity.The accuracy of Vedic astrology has convinced the world of its scientfic and mystical lineage and hence all its offerings are now looked at with respect and faith. With online shopping becoming so very convenient in India,even residents Indians are adopting to a personal 'Virtual Vedic Pandit' available on the internet and hence things dont look bright for the traditional temple astrologer. Introduction of the Chandean', Pythagorean and Indian systems of numerology into traditional Vedic astrology has made 'Naming' a highly evolved speciality, generating remarkable results. It is now possible to incorporate spiritual, material and emotional principles into a single 'name'. While the Indian system relies on an accurate 'time of birth' the other systems work around the alphabets of a name and the birth date. The general rule followed is that the 'destiny number' (alphabets) should be the same or a total of the birth date. In todays high stress competitive environment it is common for people to take refuge in 'nameology' with the hope of turning their fortunes. For hereon the popularity and usage of  'Astro-Naming' can only grow as the results are nothing short of a 'miracle'. Do not be surprised if in the future you come accross 'alpha-numeric names' such as 'David1973' or 'Ann3 Morgan' matching their e mails ids. With space tourism being the next jump for the human species such galaxian sounding names kind of make sense. astrology is also famous in horoscope reading & Astrology Reading

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