Marriage horoscope matching

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Published: 20th December 2010
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Marriage horoscope matching

The first step in matching is checking of correctness of the details furnished by parents of boy and girl. There are four factors which are to be considered before doing Gun Milan. They are:

1.      Longevity of both boy and girl.

2.      Factors showing more than one marriage in case of any of the two.

3.      Mental and psychological health of both.

4.      Any Dosha (defect) present in the horoscope like Manglik Dosha etc.

5.      Strength of the seventh and second house ruling Marital ties and family.

After analyzing the above factors then only the Gun Milan is done because it is done only to see that husband and wife mix like tea and sugar and lead happy life.

Sometimes the marriages are solemnized without matching the charts and other times due to not having faith in astrology. Both the situations are bad. Astrology help should be taken with open mind

The eight Guns to be matched are:

1.      Varna
2. Vashya
3. Tara
4. Yoni
5. Grahamaitra
6. Gana
7. Bhakoota
8. Nadi

Each of the above has one point more than the previous one. Varan has 1 point, Vashya 2, Tara 3, Yoni  4, Grahamaitra 5, Gana 6, Bhakoota 7 and finally Nadi 8 totalling upto 36 points. A score of below 18 is not considered a good match.

In case of Varna, a girl belonging to a higher Varna than that of the boy is not approved. Both belonging to the same Varna or the girl belonging to one lower than that of the boy is approved.

Vashya shows the mutual attraction between the boy and girl. The Moon sign of the both belonging to the same group shown below ensure harmony.

-          Leo and Scorpio - Aries

-          Cancer and Libra – Taurus

-          Virgo – Gemini

-          Scorpio and Sagittarius – Cancer

-          Libra – Leo

-          Gemini and Pisces – Virgo

-          Capricorn – Libra

-          Virgo and Cancer – Scorpio

-          Pisces – Sagittarius

-           Aquarius and Aries – Capricorn

-          Aries – Aquarius

-          Capricorn – Pisces

If both the boy and girl belong to the same sign the Gun does not match.

In case of Tara, Nakshatras from that of the girl to that of the boy are taken and divided  by 9. If the remainder is 2,4,6,8 or 0 then it is good.

Yoni lays down that all 27 Nakshatras are classified into Yonis belonging to different animals. Nakshatras belonging to same group are desirable. To illustrate Rohini and Mrigasira both belong to the snake group and are desirable.

Moon signs are considered in case of Grahamaitra. If there is a friendship between Moon signs of both boy and girl then harmony is said to prevail.

All Nakshatras are divided into 3 categories in Gana. They are Dev (God), Manushya (Human) and Rakshasa (Demon). Those belonging to the same category get along well and score 6 points. Dev and Manushya make upto 4 points. But Dev paired with Rakshasa will lead to 0 points.

Bhakoota matching is dependent on the sign where the Moon is placed. If the Moon sign of the boy is in the 2nd from the girl, it is fatal. If the Moon sign of the boy is in the 3rd from the girl Moon sign, it brings misery. The Moon sign of boy if is 4th from the girl, it shows poverty. Reverse is the case for good results like if the Moon sign of girl is 2nd from the boy, it prolongs life. If the Moon sign of girl is in the 3rd from the boy, it gives happiness.

In case of Nakshatras coming under the same Nadi are not approved as Nadi has a special reference to the health of the couple and children born to them and progeny born to boy and girl of same Nadi is not healthy and normal.

So all the above details are to be considered before arriving at any final conclusion.


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